The Asimov Awards

And then, it happened.
Almost right after I finished updating the page to reflect how much all had changed since the Asmiov Awards were retired, people started talking about the possibility of a coding contest. Eventually, I convinced myself that it was a good time to give the A.A. another go.
This time, hopefuly with the support of the Glenside Color Computer Club, a larger audience will be reached, and we will be able to see a large number of entries.


Yes, there have to be some rules.
To be eligible for the A.A., a program must:
  • Run in a Color Computer 1, 2 and/or 3.
  • Have been finished between April 23rd, 2018.
  • Submitted for review before April 22rd, 2019.
  • The program may require additional hardware, as long as that hardware is or was commercially available. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Sound Carts, like the Sound/Speech Cartridge, Orchestra-90, GMC, CoCo PSG, etc.
  • 512Kb/1Mb/2Mb RAM expansion boards.
  • CoCoVGA
  • CoCo SDC
  • H.D. adapters
  • 6309 CPU
  • Participating

    There will be two categories, one for BASIC and another for ML programs. Additional categories may be created if considered convenient.
    You can send your program in DSK or similar format to If your program can't be made available in such a format, let me know, and we will try to figure out something.

    If you want to read a bit of the history of the A.A. you can do that and see the programs that participated back in 2006-2008 in the old contest page.