The Asimov Awards


Here are the programs that are participating.... so far.

SOLO CHESS by Jim and Charlie Gerrie.

"Solo Chess" gives you 40 different chess puzzles. Playing in a 4x4 board, you have to capture a piece with each move. Quite fun and challenging, regardless of your skill - or lack of such - at playing chess.

SHOPLIFTING BOY by Jim and Charlie Gerrie.

In this game, you have to steal the "$" without being seen by the shopkeeper. You can hide behind the shelves in the center aisle, but be careful, as soon as the keeper sees your head, you are going to jail, even if you have not picked up anything yet.
I struggled a bit with the control's response, but not enought to ruin the fun.

SPACE MOUSE by Jim and Charlie Gerrie.

ELEVATOR by Jim Gerrie.


ALPHA FORCE by Jim Gerrie.

QUIZ NIGHT by Jim Gerrie.

7 ONE-LINERS by Retro Rick.

If you want to read a bit of the history of the A.A. you can do that and see the programs that participated back in 2006-2008 in the old contest page.