The Asimov Awards

Some 15 years after the CoCo 3 was supposed to die, it is still alive.
There is an active and creative community, with new hardware showing up every few months, and the NitrOS-9 D.O.S. still being updated and maintained.
A mailing list, plenty of websites and groups, and even a newsletter, the picture seems quite healthy.

But something is missing...
Seems that most of the software coming out is for developers, and not much else is actually being developed.
It sure would be nice to have some of the great programmers that have worked with the CoCo do some new magic, but the real life fact is that writing a new game is a lot of work, and even one of the best games ever for the CoCo, "Gate Crasher" just sold some 40 copies.
So here is something that I hope will encourage programmers a bit.
The "aSIMOV aWARDS" will be given once a year to the best CoCo program for the end user.
The prize is only $100, and I know that nobody is goin to quit their day job to go back to the CoCo, but maybe you are on the edge, just waiting for another small excuse to go back to the keyboard, and this might be it.

1st edition, 2006
2nd edition, 2007
3nd edition, 2008

2018 update

A lot has happened since 2008. The newsletter is gone, but we now have a podcast and a video show.
New hardware and software keep coming out, and the community is more alive than ever!
But the Asimov Awards are long gone. Still, this page will remain here, and you will be able to see some of the finest creations of 2006, 2007 and 2007 for the CoCo.