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Welcome to "Simplemente Claudia"

Back in 1999 I started learning about HTML and web design.
And when it came to choose the subject for my first web page, it was not hard at all.
A lot has changed since the first version of "Simplemente Claudia" was uploaded, back in june or july of 1999. The site, Internet, the way that Claudia's fans can have access to her lattest pictures and news. (Do you want to see how "Simplemente" has changed with the years, or how the Internet was in 1999?)
A few years ago, I stopped working on the site for a number of reasons.
Today, "Simplemente Claudia" is the oldest, still active site dedicated to Claudia Schiffer.
And that is one of the reasons I decided to modernize it and clean it up a bit.
Today's version is more adaptable, working better in screens of all sizes, with a video section far better than the ones before, and over 5000 pictures.

2023: The links page has been updated and corrected.

2022: I can't hardly believe it, but I'm still updating the site, even adding new videos!