Welcome to YACCS!

(Yet another Color Computer Site)

You might ask yourself, "Why does this site look so weird?" (plain, boring)
The answer is that it recreates the look of the Tandy Color Computer 3's 32/40/80 column screen.
I have to thank Kreative Software and the great fonts they created, for this.
The main reason I created this site for, is to showoff... I mean, to share with you the programs that I'm always writing, but also to help other CoCo users, and to show to whoever might come around here, what the heck a CoCo is, and why do I still care about it.


13/2/21 My 1987 "Airwolf" game was "remixed"! Now up to 50% faster!.
22/2/20 "Dock Master" - a fast action puzzle game - is out, in the "My Programs" section.
27/12/19 I've finally published - 8 months late - the Asimov Awards 2019. And also the information about the 2020 edition.
19/12/19 I came up with some thoughts and ideas about how to make "modern" games for the CoCo, taking advantage of the technologies and resources available these days. Find them under "Thoughts and Things"
19/10/19 Version 4.0 of X-Filer adds a new way to browse your disks! And some minor bug fixes and improvements.
Also, I realized I never wrote an entry announcing my first ever text adventure, "X-Com Base Assault" which is in "My Programs".
19/1/19 A new section in "My Programs", "My Tapes Remix" includes updated and enhanced versions of some of the programs I wrote back in the 80s.
19/11/18 Version 3.6.1 of X-Filer includes some new features, optimization, and small bug fixes.
23/10/18 A new game, "Hippo Teeth", has been added to "My Programs".
Also, a small update for X-Filer.
14/8/18 Update complete! Beside changing the site from image based to actual text based, I cleaned up the content and even finally got to write the What's a CoCo page.
11/8/18 The CSS/HTML update is mostly ready. This means that the look of the site is changing, but also that it will look and work better in most screen sizes.
4/8/18 Took more than 5 years to get the new "Furious Felines 2" out. OK, actually, about 2 months since I started it.
3/4/18 The site is over 10 years old, and needs a CSS update. I'm trying...
3/3/18 Minecamp The Next Mission, is out. Find it in "My programs" as MC2
5/18 After a long wait, "Furious Felines" is released!.
5/30 The page for my "SUB1010" - "Submarine Hunter" game is ready.
4/7 Announcing the 2008 Asimov Awards winners. Finally!
3/10 Uploaded the ultimate version of X-Filer, 3.5
1/7 See the first 3 candidates to the "Asimov Awards"
8/20 An update on the 2008 "Asimov Awards"
4/16 Uploaded the DSK with the Asimov Awards programs. Also a new "Thing". My BASIC diploma!
4/14 New Dungeons of Daggorath video in "Favorite Programs".
4/10 New pictures of my current CoCo setup.
4/1 Meet the winners of the 2007 Asimov Awards.
1/16 The deadline for the Asimov Awards has been extended.
1/13 Added "Minecamp, the mission" (NEWMINE) to "My Programs"
12/30 An update in the Asimov Awards, a bit more in the Hardware and in my programs, plus more screenshoots of my favorite programs.
12/28 Some "Things" I found around.
12/27 A few pictures of my Hardware.
10/26 Read about the 2007 edition of the "Asimov Awards".
6/26 Added "X-FILER", my latest program.
6/18 Finished the updates of the 2006 Asimov Awards. The programs are now available for download.
3/11 Who are the first winners of the Asimov Awards?
9/27 Screen shots of the first candidates for the "Asimov Awards".
7/19 More screen captures in "Favorites".
7/16 Added some screen captures in the "Favorites" section.