3/4/18 The site is over 10 years old, and needs a CSS update. I'm trying...
3/3/18 Minecamp The Next Mission, is out. Find it in "My programs" as MC2
5/18 After a long wait, "Furious Felines" is released!.
5/30 The page for my "SUB1010" - "Submarine Hunter" game is ready.
4/7 Announcing the 2008 Asimov Awards winners. Finally!
3/10 Uploaded the ultimate version of X-Filer, 3.5
1/7 See the first 3 candidates to the "Asimov Awards"
8/20 An update on the 2008 "Asimov Awards"
4/16 Uploaded the DSK with the Asimov Awards programs. Also a new "Thing". My BASIC diploma!
4/14 New Dungeons of Daggorath video in "Favorite Programs".
4/10 New pictures of my current CoCo setup.
4/1 Meet the winners of the 2007 Asimov Awards.
1/16 The deadline for the Asimov Awards has been extended.
1/13 Added "Minecamp, the mission" (NEWMINE) to "My Programs"
12/30 An update in the Asimov Awards, a bit more in the Hardware and in my programs, plus more screenshoots of my favorite programs.
12/28 Some "Things" I found around.
12/27 A few pictures of my Hardware.
10/26 Read about the 2007 edition of the "Asimov Awards".
6/26 Added "X-FILER", my latest program.
6/18 Finished the updates of the 2006 Asimov Awards. The programs are now available for download.
3/11 Who are the first winners of the Asimov Awards?
9/27 Screen shots of the first candidates for the "Asimov Awards".
7/19 More screen captures in "Favorites".
7/16 Added some screen captures in the "Favorites" section.