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The Company plans to elect the modified retrospective transition method for implementation. PGE does not anticipate any material changes to its revenue policy for tariff based revenues, which comprises a majority of PGE retail revenues, as performance obligations are expected to be satisfied in a similar recognition pattern. PGE continues to evaluate the impacts the new guidance may have on its consolidated financial position, consolidated results of operations, and consolidated cash flows, particularly related to certain matters of presentation of alternative revenue programs (such as decoupling), wholesale, and other operating revenue contracts..

Sexy Bikini Swimsuit But gold prices under pressure we are reviewing all our capital spending programs including future development projects. Consequently, negotiations related to the potential acquisition of AngloGold Ashanti's share of Sadiola have been suspended. An M consideration will be carefully scrutinized. Sexy Bikini Swimsuit

swimwear sale You can now browse through a list of comedy types that are well known as part of the big and small screen. It isn't a bunch of people sitting down to serious conversation, but a gathering that finds people throwing light jokes at each other even if it is at the expense of someone within the group. It is not a way of being insulting or rude, but playful among friends and those one is familiar with. swimwear sale

Then they start behaving like I told them I had a terminal cancer. I once made small talk with a young woman (early 20s) in a rural part of my country. She was married and had two kids ready and was horrified on how I was 30, not even with a boyfriend and not wanting kids.

swimwear sale I just feel like Raider needs a bit moor reliable mix up that good players can just shrug off from it absolute predictabilityI mean no rudeness or disrespect but that literally how Shugo is meant to be played in his current state. Every Shugo relies on their hyper armor to protect their sluggishness and predictability. If I down my hyper armor and I have a Glad on me or sometimes even just a PK (any fast assassin type), I screwed. swimwear sale

Generally, when underlying problems emerge, most people think in terms of recourse of a buyer to a seller. After a sale of a home, sellers who paid for a sellers inspection are usually not liable for problems that the buyer later detects. The liability falls onto the home inspectors, and many states require inspectors to have insurance to cover the cost of legal claims.In Kentucky, inspectors must carry liability insurance of $250,000.

one piece swimsuits All lines have been placed on mute to prevent any background noise. After the speakers' remarks, there will be a question and answer period. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, today's call is being recorded.. What not to get about intersex? In some babies, the anatomical situation is not clear. This has happened throughout history because variation is just part of biology. Humanity has recently started to question whether it really reasonable to just pick a sex in such cases, as has been the typical procedure up to now. one piece swimsuits

beach dresses I not going to pretend that I know Peterson mind, I just going to guess because knowing him I don think that it what he wanted to say. I mean, it literally two sentences out of context. But anyway, here goes.. The Company seeks to recruit and retain dentists with excellent skills and experience, who are sensitive to patient needs, interested in establishing long term patient relationships and motivated by financial incentives to enhance Office operating performance. The Company believes that practicing in its network of Offices offers dentists advantages over a solo or smaller group practice, including relief from the burden of most administrative responsibilities and the resulting ability to focus more time on practicing dentistry. Other advantages include relief from capital commitments, a compensation structure that rewards productivity, employee benefits such as health insurance, a 401(k) plan, continuing education, paid holidays and vacation and payment of professional membership fees and malpractice insurance. beach dresses

cheap bikinis I'm sure that many of you, who have been to a gym before, know about what sauna rooms are all about. But just to make the concept clear before we jump into the sauna benefits after workout, a sauna is a small room specifically designed to heat up at very high temperatures; the humidity level however is controlled. The room itself is made up of aromatic wood that releases pleasing scent as it heats up.. cheap bikinis

Monokinis swimwear Before the raid occurred the man that was dangerous and who they were looking for, the daughter boyfriend, was already in custody. As the police executed the raid they saw the daughter letting the 2 dogs outside. After that the father exited the house, the police grabbed him and I believe the other occupants before evening entering the house. Monokinis swimwear

wholesale bikinis Social gatherings are a place where you are likely to see women wearing black dresses in all shapes, styles and lengths. Floor length black dresses can be casual or dressy, long or short with sleeves or without. The off the shoulder black dress is popular for weddings, parties or entertainment and social activities. wholesale bikinis

cheap swimwear A good example of the application of the discovery rule is Cotton v. Koenig Eng, King County Superior Court 94 2 18663 9. Cotton was a Washington state tax malpractice case in which the plaintiff sought additional tax and consequential damages, claiming that his accounting firm had made a mistake in classifying an income item on a sales tax return.. cheap swimwear

Contractor millwright here. I do a lot of weird shit like this. Hanging art off of buildings and such. Hell I went through something similar, it fucking sucks. I did my best to reassure her. And it definitely cheered her up! She loves to read so I figured we could go to B and find her a book about a dope confident black lady doing cool shit.

beach dresses Guilhem of Toulouse: Historically, the rulers of Toulouse always gave the French king hell, and I would suggest you follow suit. You the most powerful duke in France other than Flanders, so bide your time and bring down your liege when the time is right. You also not far from Iberia for more expansion opportunities.. beach dresses

beach dresses The movement should be slow and steady. Good form is important. Try to maintain your balance and keep your legs in the starting position. You also get the sense that he not enjoying any of this. He just a desperate, determined man on a mission. I kinda glad they kept the "this does put a smile on my face" line out of the final cut, because we don really see a moment where Thanos is relishing the power he attaining. beach dresses

cheap bikinis To Handler, that was their way of practicing for adulthood. Yet, aside from the two dimensional paper dolls, no other dolls available in stores portrayed the mature female body. For that reason, she bought two Lilli dolls for Barbara during that Switzerland trip in 1956 and one for herself.. cheap bikinis

wholesale bikinis Build to suit has several benefits that fit well with Lexington's new strategy. The lease terms are generally longer to allow the investor to recoup their cash. Unlike the purchases made by some REITs, the scheduled lease payments are usually greater than the initial investment. wholesale bikinis

Blue Flowers in Summer to Early FallAgapanthus features a loose globe of small, blue, trumpet shaped flowers. Typically grown in warm winter areas, my Agapanthus made it through a very cold winter in US Zone 6. Blooms best in full sun (the flower illustrated here was in some shade).

one piece swimsuits As for relocations, we are excited to relocate our Tacoma, Washington store, where we've been serving customers for 40 years, on October 3rd. We also recently announced the relocation of the store in Los Cerritos, California, where we have served customers for 27 years. In both of these cases, we will move into new buildings in the same malls which will dramatically improve our ability to take care of customers one piece swimsuits.