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facebook.comRain Water Harvesting Facility, Earthquake Resistance, Anti Termite Treatment to the Entire complex, High Speed lifts, Safe deposit lockers, Leak proof construction, Smoke alarm and fire fight equipments in common areas. 2 BHK: 1290 Sq.Ft. Price Rs. 1.80 Cr Onwards. 3 BHK: 2120 Sq.Ft. Price Rs. 2.93 Cr Onwards. 4 BHK: 2580 Sq.Ft. Price Rs. 3.58 Cr Onwards. 5 BHK (Sky Villas): 4240 Sq.Ft. Price Rs. 5.12 Cr Onwards. Located near Dindoshi bus depot, Goregaon East, Mumbai. Easily connecting to major locations like Goregaon East and Malad East.
Eclectic Modular Kitchen with Marble Flooring and Open View Window

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Warmwaves comes with the most attracting benefit.

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