10 Subaru Towing Tips

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Unless you live in a lakeside home, cheap towing your boat to the water is the first step in a fun-filled day in the sun. Ideally, a caravan shouldn't weigh more than 85% of the towcar's kerbweight. Most tow trucks now have GPS navigation and tracking systems, on board HD cameras and other modern technology which make the job of getting damage vehicles of any size safely back to the shop.

The general guideline is to have 60 percent of your cargo weight over the front half of the trailer and 40 percent at the back. When reversing while looking out of the rear window, look over your right shoulder put your left hand at the bottom of the steering wheel and turn it in the direction you want your caravan to go.

Because your trailer's wheels are drawn closer to the inside of a turn than the wheels of your tow vehicle during the maneuver, the trailer's tires will hit or ride up over curbs — or worse — unless you compensate for the extended load by taking the turn wider from the start.

Towing vehicles with trailers should go no faster than 65 mph, as this can increase your chances of a tire blowout. This means that the Maximum authorised mass (MAM) i.e. the tow car and the trailer (in this case a caravan) as a whole unit must weigh less than 3,500 kilos.

Stopping distances and the space between you and other vehicles should be increased appropriately, allowing for the extra weight you are carrying. This is why disk brakes in the rear took a long time to catch on. They simply are not needed in the rear. A type-approved tow bar will come with a label saying which vehicles it's approved for.