Who was there?

There have been bigger weddings, but we know that Claudia has ever chosen quality over quantity, and the guest list was no exception.
Anyway, 300 is enough, and better if it includes Elton John, Boris Becker and Vinnie Jones, Sting and Trudi Styler, Maddona and Guy Ritchie, Brad Pitt and Jeniffer Aniston, Naomi Campbell, Valentino, Lady Helen Taylor and Mario Testino.
Some of them couldn't make it, and some were only at the church or the party, but the most important guests were with Claudia and Matt all the time. I'm talking about Gudrun and Heinz, Stefan, Ann Carolin, Andreas, Kathy Delaney -Matthew's mother-, and one of Claudia's best friends, Uta.

Uta Hüsch

Boris Becker

Trudi Styler


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