The beautiful couple

Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn knew real love in January 2001, after being introduced by Matt's friend Guy Ritchie (Madonna's husband).
He gave her a turtle as a gift, proving that money isn't that important when the feelings are deep.

What can I say about Claudia?
She's Gudrun and Heinz Schiffer's eldest daughter. Grown up with love and company from her sister and 2 brothers. Her family has always been important to her, who considers her mother and sister as two of her best friends.
Her career begun when she was 17, and has proven to be one of the most successful models ever. Even there were many huge offers, she has never posed naked, and has always acted according to who she is, not what others expect her to be, even when that might disappoint her fans, like the way she did everything related to the wedding.
Some people told me "She's not an angel, she's not a goddess".
Of course she's not. Angels and Gods are myths, Claudia is the kind of person who inspires those myths.

I don't know much about Matthew.
He seems to be the nicest man who ever got into Claudia's heart (Even when most people agrees he's not the most handsome one).
He's a film producer who likes to keep a low profile. Looks like a family man. I hope he's the one Claudia's been waiting for.

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