The party

After the ceremony, Claudia and Matthew with their families and friends, celebrated until dawn in a giant tent installed in their new home's garden, at "Coldham Hall". A "Tudor" mansion, built in 1575 (which they might have to share with "Penelope", a ghost nun who seems to live there since at least 1920).

The place, decorated with candles and white roses, received the guests with an elegant and delicate stiles. When they arrived, they could enjoy a selection of cold and hot canap├ęs, including fine herbs and lemon crepes, many spiced cheeses and sweet cakes. Also, the most demanding guests could find salmon and caviar.
Claudia, the prefect host, made sure that everyone could enjoy the dinner. This is why there was a complete vegetarian menu as an alternative to the traditional one. Both had three dishes and dessert, in a selection that was a perfect balance of distinction and simplicity. All served with first quality wine and "Dom Perignon" 1995 for the toast.
The wedding cake, with a chocolate base, was prepared following a recipe from Claudia and Matthew, and was decorated with sugar lilies.
Then, they danced until morning, with the best music from the 80's, another of Claudia's favorites.

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