The Day After

The dance went on all night, and at dawn, the guests were surprised with a typical English breakfast, with fried eggs, bacon, and sausages. Those who needed something more could enjoy lentil soup, ham, or cheese with quince marmalade.
Later, those who still had the strength, or have had a short nap, were invited to play a soccer match that recreated 1966 world cup's final, England vs. Germany. This time you could read "Schiffer" and "Vaughn" on the shirts.
The match outcome was, again, an English victory. One of the guests said: "The English won 6-2, although the groom missed an absolute sitter". Also "Boris Becker was in goal in the first half but played midfield in the second half and scared everybody."
Finally, after a barbecue, Claudia and Matthew left for an unknown place to enjoy their honeymoon.

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