X-Filer is a file manager for Disk Basic. It makes copying, deleting and finding your files easier and safer
The need for some kind of program to help you manage your files becomes evident the first time you try to DIR a disk with more than 14 files, and the list scrolls out of the 32x16 screen.
Most programs I've seen around are quite limited and work in the 32x16 screen. The great exception being "FOG" by Robert Emery. A great GUI that has a look and feel comparable to filemanagers from modern platforms.
But in this case the problem I found is that it takes too long to load, and uses a good deal of disk space.
Seeing this, I went to try to write a program that would allow for most of the ease of use of FOG, but taking no more than 3 granules of disk space. eventually, I decided to stick to the CoCo 3's 80x24 text mode, to keep it as small as possible.
Now, I have it "installed" in all of my diskettes, and instead of DIR, I just RUN "XF".

The latest version is 4.0.2

You can select a file by typing the name, or using the cursor keys

Detailed size information is useful to compare files.

As a safety measure, a confirmation is required before deleting files

No need to type the same filename. *:1 is the same as FILENAME.EXT:1

Easy backup with full Hard Disk support

Jump directly to the disk you want.

Or browse your disks to find what you need.

Easy to customize colors to match your taste.
Mac OS 8, Deskmate, Win95, Monocrome, or CoCo Greens

You can download X-Filer, or see the BASIC source code.
I have been using it for years without any data corruption or related problems.
A brief program reference is available.


X-Filer is designed for Disk BASIC, HDB-DOS and RGB-DOS, using 35 track disks.
Should work with most compatible OSs, but will not be able to read 40-80 track disks correctly, and data corruption may occur.



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New features Bug fixes