The name comes from "Super Cazalo", translated roughly to "Super Catch-it", with the original being a 3216 (or may be 64x32) resolution game with 11 blocks as characters.
You control one of the colored blocks, trying to catch the other one, while avoiding the small black block that moves across the screen.
The original "Chapalo" (Catchit) evolved to "Cazenlo" (Hunt it), with the joystick control changing from the usual "drag" mode to a "mapped" one. And then "Sup-Caza" in 128x192x4 resolution, with nicer graphics (yes, you are the stick man trying to catch the monster with tentacles, while avoiding Pac-man) a bit better gameplay, but much slower and still blinking a lot.
It was this version that I decided to improve. I created much better graphics, with some animation, got rid of the flicker by using page flipping (double buffering), and included a 2nd chomper.
It is still not a great game, but at least I will dare to say that it is much better than the original.
I have some blog posts about this remix, which was part of my Retrochallenge 2018/9 entry. The first one is here, the second here, and the third and final one, here.

And here is a short video showing the game's evolution.

You can download a .DSK file with the original and Remixed version of this and other games.