Ruleta Rusa

Ruleta Rusa" is a simple text based "Russian Roulette" simulation - let's not call it "game".
In the original version, you are just told "It is chamber #1". When you press a key, it is either "!-CLICK-!" or.. "!!!BANG!!!".
If you are still alive, then you are also told that you won an extra $10, and now have a total of $40.
But there are a few extra things that you should be told before starting.
You clearly start with $30, and besides making you. not rich, the money can be used to spin the gun's cylinder - for a mere $40 -or to aim your shoot to the roof - for just $25.
Also, you can walk away at any time. But, if you do it too soon, the audience may feel cheated and shoot you in the back.

In the remix version, all the options are shown, and up to 5 computer players can take part of the roulette. Also, while it is still a pure text program, the color palette is much better - assuming that you are using a TV and not an RGB monitor.

So, are you feeling lucky? Willing to risk your life for a few hundred dollars? Then, go on an play some Russian Roulette.

You can download a .DSK file with the original and Remixed version of this and other games.