Netscoco Beta 2

"Netscoco" is my return to "real" programming after years of being a PC zombie
The idea behind it is to be able to port a formatted text file from a PC to a CoCo, not to be a web browser.
It uses the 640x192 4 color mode, but can be changed to 320x192. (looks better on a TV or a CMP monitor). Using hi-res graphics (HDRAW) instead of the standard hi-res text (HPRINT) will make porting it to CoCo 1/2 really easy.
But right now is not optimized for speed at all.
This are some changes for Beta 2:
The "open file" dialog has been improved. Now it assumes .HTM extension if omitted, and lets you access files in /D0 to /D3
Use the 'O' key to Open a file, 'F1' to change screen resolution and the right arrow to move to the next page in long files.
It supports 9 tags.(BR)(B)(I)(U)(HR)(TITLE)(CENTER)(H1)-(H3)(DIV)
Ignores irrelevant ones, and displays the tags it can't recognize
There are few issues. The line wrapping cuts words, italics and bolds look the same, and the font it uses is not complete yet.

Download a DSK file with all my programs, or Netscoco alone as a text file