Since I started using Windows 3.1, one of my favorite games has been the "Minesweeper" that comes with it. It is a small puzzle, where you have to find hidden mines by poking around.
If you don't poke a mine, a number will show you how many are around the square where you poked. If there was a mine there... well, start all over.
This CoCo version is my second attempt at it. The first was some 12 years ago and was never finished.
For this try, I went "compatible", using the 32X16 TEXT MODE from the CoCo 1/2.
It should be playable even in a 4 Kb, standard Basic CoCo, with some small changes.
The final version was supposed to have an "intro" screen, use the Sound/Speech pack, and be controlable either with keyboard or joystick.
But in the end, all the extra features were going to be in my next generation minesweeper, with high resolution graphics for the CoCo 3.

So, here it is... Get the source code, or the .DSK file