Not long ago, I was watching a PBS show about fractals.
I've always been fascinated by this mathematical objects, but my limited knowledge in the field always kept me from doing anythingrelated to them in the computer.
But in that TV program, they show an example of a very simple fractal. Minutes later, I decided how to implement it, and about 1 hour after that, the program was running in my CoCo.
I wrote it as a routine that can easily be integrated in any program to create graphics like trees, explosions, rivers, stars, or whatever you think might look like what the program creates. :-)
Once the program has finished drawing, you can use the number keys to change the colors.
As usual, you can see the source code for the program, and download a .DSK file with it.

Root: 160,190 Angle: -0.05,0.04 Length: 27,24 Delta: 0.85 Branches: 6

Root: 160,95 Angle: -0.1,0.2 Length: 27,24 Delta: 0.78 Branches: 7

Root: 16,120 Angle: 0.12,0.06 Length: 60,50 Delta: 0.82 Branches: 6