Start me up!

The main window
Start me up! is a tool that can start multiple programs with a single click, giving you control over the order in which they are started, and the time that the computer should wait between each.
Normally, if you want multiple programs to start automatically when the computer is turned on, you would add them to the “Startup” folder.
However, when you do so, they are all basicall started simultaneously. This has an impact in the startup performance, since there will be multiple programs accessing the disk simultaneously.
Start me up! takes care of that, by allowing you to set up a delay between programs, and to decide in which order they will be started.
You may, for example, configure it so many small, fast loading programs are started first, with little delay between them, and then large programs with larger delays.
You can also use Start me up! to launch a selection of programs that you use for a certain task.
For example, if you are a web developer, you may need to start 2 or 3 web browsers, 1 or 2 editors, an image browser, and an FTP client, every time that you “get to work”. By setting this programs in Start me up!, you only need to click once to have them all open.
In any case, after your programs have started, you may close Start me up!'s main window. It will remain in the sytem tray, from where you can start any of the configured programs again, either individualy, or all of them. This way, you can unclutter your desktop and start menu by deleting the shortcuts to the programs in Start me up!, since you can start them from there.
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Version 0.95 (3/2016)
Installer: 1.9 MB (1,944,071 bytes)
Zip: 343 KB (389,993 bytes)